Nick Trotter Maps


Clarity. Accuracy. Beauty.

Maps that understand your market, and help your audience navigate their world.


I majored in Geography at the University of Colorado at Boulder, graduating in 1996, focusing on Cartography, Geomorphology, and Urban Development.

I began working as a freelancer for Frommer’s Travel Guides in 1999, when I was living in New York, and quickly became a regular there, collaborating with their staff cartographers on their expanding title list, new imprints like the …For Dummies books and helping to redesign their basic map design templates across their title list. From 2004 to 2005 I was hired there as a staff Cartographer, before I moved to northern California. When I moved back to my hometown of Denver in 2010, I began freelancing for Visit Denver, and have been focusing on this region ever since.

My basic philosophy is that cartography is not just “graphic design” or “illustration”, and that it’s not enough for maps to simply look “cool.” It is a fusion of art and science, and maps must function as navigational tools, conveying enormous quantities of data quickly, clearly and accurately — as well as being beautiful. There is a tremendous amount of history and technology that go into map design, and specialized cartographic training is necessary to do it well.

I work via licensing agreements that provide annual updates to base map artwork; ongoing customization for special projects and specific publications; and customized listings of hotels, itineraries, attractions and other features.

My work in other media, like theater and music, have helped my cartography by informing the sense of design, place and culture that I bring to the maps.





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